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Trading on a Bitcoin exchange

Michael Gronager, Chief Operating Officer, of Payward Inc, the startup behind the biggest Euro to Bitcoin exchange, gives his vision of the crypto-future and explains why Payward Inc uses Luxembourg's data centres for its critical and secure services in Europe.

Luxembourg boasts one of the most modern data centre parks in Europe with low latency connections to all the major European Internet hubs. The country’s data centres enjoy an excellent, redundant, connectivity and offer the whole Tier-IV design, built to support the country’s thriving banking and ICT sector with highly secure facilities.

San Francisco based Michael Gronager is a technologist, developer, entrepreneur and author of the libcoin Bitcoin library. He has a strong track record in managing public research infrastructures in Europe and currently serves as board member at the Swedish National Supercomputer Center.

Filmed, produced and edited by Gilly Mathieson

Show credits | Released on 23.12.2014