Quality of (business) life in Luxembourg: Episode 4

Marty Dobbins was seconded by Statestreet to Luxembourg in 2001.

Marty Dobbins was seconded by Statestreet to Luxembourg in 2001. Spotting an opportunity to grow the business, he requested to stay and is now Managing Director, Senior Vice President and Country Head of State Street Luxembourg. A frequent traveller, he cites one of his favourite places as Luxembourg airport. 

“Luxembourg airport is great and very easy to get in and out of! It´s ten minutes away from my office and twenty minutes from my home and the airport itself has great facilities. Visiting family in the US where my children are studying, visiting my wife’s family in Italy, and having clients all through Europe makes it very easy location to work from and travel in and out of ”, enthuses Marty who moved his family to Luxembourg when his children were in the early years of their school education. 

”It was easy for the family to settle into Luxembourg because of the international atmosphere. The International School of Luxembourg is where our children attended, and my wife is a teacher.  The school has an excellent academic reputation, and we have seen it first hand by the quality of universities that students have been accepted..”

Marty´s great passion is music and the arts, and the Philharmonie, one of the main concert halls in Europe,  is one of his favourite venues in the city.  

“The Philharmonie is one of my favourites. My wife and I love music and also enjoy seeing the different operas at the Luxembourg National Theatre. The diversity of musicians performing at the Philharmonie has been incredible. One of my all time favourite shows was the American jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman, where because the concert hall is very intimate, you felt like you were part of a small show, yet you had the quality of being in an excellent location. “

Produced by Gilly Mathieson

Show credits | Released on 15.02.2016